One-Punch Man Anime Season 2: May Return in November

We have waited for long enough! Finally, we caught some rumors about season 2!

If you are waiting impatiently for season two of One Punch Man, you are not alone. After it premiered in 2015, this shonen anime became a fan-favorite really quickly, and the fans have been waiting for the show to get a new season ever since!

The show about a seemingly normal and rather unimpressive guy Saitama who has a unique hobby has gotten the attention of thousands. Saitama wanted to be a hero, and trained relentlessly for three years, and lost all of his hairs in this process, just to come back home and become the most powerful hero around. He is now so powerful, that he gets bored by the fact that he can destroy any monster with a single punch, and starts searching for challenges. His search of excitement is what got us hooked.

His blank expression and interesting attitude combined with an average-guy personality somehow captivated everyone’s attention.

Last year, we got confirmation that a second season had been ordered, but Madhouse gave no details on the return date. Right now, we just know that the show is in production. Still, we can make an educated guess as to when it may debut, and it seems to us that we will all have to wait until next year to see Saitama again.

Earlier this year, we got the news that One Punch Man season two had already entered production. Shueisha had published an ad regarding the second season. In the promotional photo, a black-and-white image of Saitama in his bald, caped glory, is being shown to fans, and the captions of the photo confirm that production is in progress.

Depending on how far along the animation has gotten, the anime might make its comeback as early as this winter. Some rumors even claim that One Punch Man might be back as soon as this November if everything goes according to plan. We know, a winter debut is not unheard of, and we really hope that it will happen, but some fans claim that this timeframe is unlikely, given the lack of information provided by One Punch Man’s cast or Madhouse.

When we mentioned the cast – there has been no word from members of the cast, nor sightings of them working on One Punch Man yet. Maybe Madhouse is really good at keeping this aspect of production under wraps, but we believe that this is actually due to the fact that they are still working on the show’s animation. If One Punch Man exited pre-production in March, there is a good chance that the new season will not debut before spring, or even summer 2018.

With anime, it is really difficult to assume averages, a shonen anime takes between 6-9 months to finish 12-15 episodes. If they are planning this many episodes, animation should be completed between November and December 2017. Add to that some more time for completion of post-production and network publicity – and our hopes of seeing this anime’s second season before spring seem pretty unfounded.

All we can do is wait for Madhouse to give an official statement regarding the debut date.

But, until then, we can at least feast on announced plot.

So, it was reported that in the new season we can expect to see Saitama’s more romantic side, and we will probably see a new character introduced to be this bald-headed hero’s love interest. Also, we heard some rumors that this love connection will result in Saitama becoming weak, or at least weaker.

While we cannot wait to see him attempt to woo a lady, a wide array of antagonists that will have to be introduced got us really excited. Saitama defeated Lord Boros in the first season, and it has been said that this villain will be back. Also, we can expect to see Garou who will align himself with the Monster Association in hopes of finally defeating Saitama. Rumors are also claiming that our hero might taste his first loss in the upcoming season.

One punch manFor those who cannot wait any longer, you guys can now rewatch your favorite episodes and scenes on Blu-Ray, which has been released recently. Those who never watched the series have a chance to do it before the second season gets released.

Best case scenario – we get the first episode of the new season on November 11, 2017.

Worst case scenario? We might have to wait until June 2018.

We can just hope it is not the later.

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  1. Already grabbed the season 1 DVD. Can’t wait for season 2 DVD.. Make sure you get the English spoken one!

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