Nintendo’s Return to the Main Stage at the Electronics Entertainment Expo

For the first time ever, the Electronic Entertainment Expo or “E3” will allow the public to attend the previously trade oriented show. Previously, E3 has been an opportunity for industry leaders to showcase their wares to potential clients, but with the power of internet streaming services, such as and Youtube, the fans themselves have begun tapping into the industry announcements to get a glimpse at what their favorite companies have been doing.

Even though the change doesn’t seem terribly drastic since consumers could stream the content anyway, the biggest names in Electronic entertainment are gearing up to give the best presentation they have ever given.

The most notable amongst those is Nintendo. Traditionally, the largest gaming names get a moment in the spotlight to announce new products in an E3 press conference. However, in 2013 Nintendo announced that it would forgo the huge press conference that most gamers look forward to in favor of streaming smaller announcements on their own Nintendo Direct streaming account.

To them, it was just as effective to announce their new products to the Nintendo community as it was to put in all the effort on the center stage. I can agree with Nintendo’s sentiments on this subject. The innovative direction Nintendo continually takes games in is not as appealing to mainstream gamers.

Nintendo appeals to a niche market that will seek out their products, so there seems to be no reason to put in the huge amount of effort to take over the big stage at E3. But, Nintendo is whistling a different tune with the announcement of selling live tickets. Perhaps they see more value in a live audience because they announce that at this year’s E3 they would be back on the center stage.

Electronic_Entertainment_Expo and nintendoSome attribute this to the new live audience, and others seem to think that it is because Nintendo has huge announcements to make regarding the new Nintendo console, the “Nintendo Switch”.

Both theories could absolutely be true. In an interview with FOX Gaming News, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime announced that Nintendo had big plans for E3. He suggested that Nintendo is pushing forward with creating new and innovative games for the Switch as well as the more mobile 3DS.

Should we expect great things from Nintendo this year? If the return to the center stage press conference is a response to the announcement of the live consumer audience, then I think we can just expect the same type of community gaming type announcements. But, if it is not, then Nintendo is suggesting that they have an announcement that will rival that of Microsoft and Sony.

They are saying they think they can steal away a few consumers by building value in their new console. Either way, look for Nintendo to sure up a few spots where they are currently lacking. Many consumers are frustrated with the Switches options of games, and still seem to be working out some kinks in the system overall.

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