Mia Khalifa’s Facebook Page is Less Controversial than Her Twitter Account!

Adult film star Mia Khalifa has been very popular on social media for her often unguarded and no-holds-barred remarks, which make her very controversial and occasionally becomes the subject of various criticisms.

While she is present on the three major social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, it is in her Twitter account where she makes all those controversial tweets of her opinions on various issues regardless of its effects on her followers or on the site itself.

Her Instagram account recently fell into the hands of hackers so she was momentarily left with her Twitter and Facebook. While there have been reports that she already got her Instagram account back last month, it seems that she is still looking to gather some steam before she gets back to her image posting habits on the popular photo-sharing app.

Pretty ordinary

As far as her Facebook account is concerned, it seems pretty ordinary as it hardly shows her making a shout out about controversial issues.

Often her Facebook page contains selfies of her sexy self and also pictures of her along with her pet dog. It is relatively wholesome but some of those who know her as a porn star post either lewd remarks, photos, or videos on the comment section of her post, which offsets Mia Khalifa’s obvious attempt to look non-controversial on her social media account.

Without those obscene remarks, photos, or videos on the comment section of her Facebook page, Mia Khalifa’s social media site looks like a normal Facebook account of a sexy and non-committed lady of her age.

But the same cannot be said of her Twitter account, which is the reason why some keen observers are theorizing that she may not be the one updating her Facebook page but she is definitely personally handing her Twitter account. Apparently, she is an entirely different person on Twitter than she is on Facebook.

Her love for sports, particularly football is all over her Twitter account. That cannot be said of her Facebook page as there is hardly any indication that she loves sports on the social media networking site.

Hitting Facebook too

It also seems that she prefers Twitter over Facebook as the latter site seems to have the tendency to make politically-correct positions over certain international issues. On Twitter, however, it is the user who calls the shots on everything he or she tweets or posts.

That is perhaps the reason why she was very candid in taking a swipe at Facebook just recently.

One day after the coordinated militant assaults on November 13 on Paris, France resulting to the death of 129 people and injuring of 352 more, Facebook has suggested to its users to change their profile pictures by draping them with the national flag of France.

The original profile picture will not disappear if the Facebook users opt to take the suggestion of the social media site. It will just come off as a watermark that will blend with the red, white, and blue colors of the French flag.

While many of the Facebook users immediately took the suggestion of the social media site in to show their support to the people of France, Mia Khalifa did not buy the reasoning and logic behind the social media initiative.

The most searched pornstar on Pornhub took to Twitter to say that people should be more sensitive about the situation. The Lebanese-American sarcastically remarked on her tweet that there is nothing that says ‘Prayers for Paris’ quite like a narcissistic selfie with a flag over it.

Facebook has yet to react from Mia Khalifa’s swipe over its initiative, but it seems unlikely that the social media site would bother to issue a response to the pornstar’s opinion.

mia khalifa

Some critics believe that Mia Khalifa may have a valid observation about the situation because merely changing a profile picture by draping it with colors of the French flag won’t do any good to the victims compared to posting one’s personal sympathy via the social media site.

They aver that if Facebook users are really sincere with their support, then they should say it because the site allows them to do that anyway.

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