Mia Khalifa Remains the Most Searched Star on Pornhub Despite Retiring from the Adult Film Industry for Almost 2 Years Already!

Just a few weeks after breaking into the adult film industry late in 2014, Lebanese-American Mia Khalifa dislodged Lisa Ann as the most searched pornstar on the popular website Pornhub.

However, Mia Khalifa retired shortly from the business claiming later that it was just her rebellious phase coming into play which is why she decided to break into the pornography business.

Khalifa once said that women’s rights in Lebanon are a long way from being taken seriously if a Lebanese-American porn star that no longer resides there can cause such an uproar after her entry into the business created a stir in the country.

She added that what she once boasted to people as being the most Westernized nation in the Middle East, referring to her place of birth, is apparently a devastatingly archaic and oppressed nation, reports the Daily Star of UK.

Mia Khalifa claims that her stint with the adult film business is all behind her now but in most of her pictures in social media, she seems to have kept some of her liberal traits as a former adult film star.

Interestingly, when Pornhub released its latest figure, at the start of this year for the entire 2016, Mia Khalifa remained as the most searched actress on the website, reports the Inquisitr.

Despite quitting the adult film industry just months after she starred in her first porn film, she is still the most sought after adult actress online.

Helping boost Mia Khalifa’s star is her social media platform. She uses Twitter and Instagram to interact with her fans. She was crowned the queen of the adult search site after using data from more than two billion site visits across the globe.

Still behind Kim Kardashian

However, Khalifa still hasn’t dethroned Kim Kardashian as the United States most-searched star. Meanwhile, fellow adult star Lisa Ann rounded out the top three spot.

According to Laurie Betito, sex therapist and author of “Sex Bible for People Over 50,” it appears that the trend is moving toward fantasy than reality, citing that generic porn is being replaced with fantasy specific or scenario specific scenes.

Last summer, Khalifa sat down for an exclusive interview in which she explained her decision to leave the adult industry behind. She admits that her short-lived time with the industry was a result of her desire to rebel and act out during her younger years.

Khalifa has since moved from Florida to Texas. She wants to use her social media platform to promote her D.C. sports teams after she forged an agreement with Monumental Sports and Entertainment (MSE), the owners of Washington teams in the NBA, the NHL, the NFL, and the MLB.

Khalifa as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia?

Mia Khalifa has openly supported on social media the candidacy of US President-elect Donald Trump. In fact, she even matched an offer of pop icon Madonna to give free oral sex to those who will vote for Hillary Clinton and do the same for those who will support Trump.

She also lashed out at Madonna on Twitter for offering oral sex for a criminal, referring to Clinton.

Khalifa tweeted that she will give free oral to those who will vote for Trump, leaving voters, particularly the male community, who they want to become the next American president and also who they want to get their oral from.

But following the victory of Trump during the US presidential election on November 8, Mia Khalifa has yet to fulfill her supposed social media promise.

Interestingly, there are now reports going around that some supporters of Donald Trump and also of Mia Khalifa are lobbying to make the former adult film star become the next US ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

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