Merkel Expresses Confidence that Germany Shall Overcome the Threat of Islamic Terrorism!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has openly stated during his New Year message that Islamic terrorism is now the greatest threat to her country.

Nonetheless, she expressed confidence that Germany would be able to overcome the challenge and came out of it victorious.

Merkel is currently under fire from her own party for her controversial open-door immigration policy in Germany which is actually being attributed to the entry of some extremists in the European country.

Just last December 19, Germany was the subject of a truck attack on a Christmas market that left 12 people dead. Apparently, a Tunisian asylum seeker carried out the massacre. The suspect was later shot dead in Milan, Italy, reports The Sun of UK.

Stronger together

Merkel, who is seeking a fourth term as Germany’s leader next year, also said that Germany is stronger together.  She also said that she is already sickened with terror attacks committed by people who claim to sick protection in the country.

She said that although terrorists are hate-filled murderers, they do not determine how Germans live because the Germans want to live.

The lady Chancellor said that Germans are free, considerate, and very open people.

Merkel has also defended her controversial immigration policy which brought over one million migrants into Germany since 2015 by citing, in particular, the atrocities carried out in Aleppo, Syria.

She explained that it is important and appropriate for Germany to help those who really need its protection so that people would be able to find their feet again to stand on their own and integrate.

She also admitted that she is having difficulty dealing with the European Union over her immigration policy because the EU was slow and difficult.

However, she debunked suggestions that Germany should bolt out of the EU and follow the footsteps of UK, which is now globally called as the Brexit. She pointed out that Germans should never be deceived into thinking that a happy future could ever lie in going it alone nationally.

Asylum seekers are the perpetrating terror

Some 300,000 people were said to have migrated to Germany in 2016 alone. Unfortunately, the opening of its doors to immigrants and asylum seekers became the country’s undoing as some of those asylum seekers were the ones who perpetrated terror attacks in the country.

In fact, according to reports, it was an asylum seeker who carried out the deadly lorry attack on the Berlin Christmas market.

Last summer, two attackers in Bavaria also turned out to be asylum seekers.

Because of the terror incidents in the country borne out of her open-door immigration policy, Merkel is reportedly facing a stiff challenge from Germany’s far-right party, notes the Daily Mail of UK.

It seems that Merkel is also aware of the competition that in her New Year’s message, she assured Germans that the government will do everything to ensure security and freedom of the citizens.

In her annual televised message, Chancellor Merkel said that 2016 has been a year of severe tests for Germany, the toughest of which is Islamic extremist terror.

The Islamic State (IS) group claimed responsibility for the December 19 terror attack on the Berlin Christmas attack, as it did for two attacks in Bavaria in the summer in which the assailants, who, like the chief suspect in Berlin, came to Germany as asylum seekers.

In the Bavaria attacks, the two assailants were killed, while 20 people were injured.

She also took the opportunity in her message to pledge that in 2017 the government will take action quickly where political or legal changes are necessary.

In her address, she called for an open view of the world and self-confidence, in themselves and in their country. She said that attacks distorted pictures of the European Union and parliamentary democracy.

She acknowledges that Europe is slow and difficult and says it should concentrate on what it really can do better than the national state.

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