Melissa Mccarthy Set To Play Disgraced Author Lee Israel, Wins Hearts With Her Kia Niro Ad. Are The Oscar Ads Better Than Super Bowl Ads?

She even went to the extent of stealing original letters from archives before she was arrested. She pleaded guilty for conspiracy to transport the stolen property and was kept under house arrest for six months in 1993. Lee Israel passed away in 2014.

Reports suggest that one of the scenes from the movie required Melissa McCarthy to sit on a park bench looking desolate and deep in thought. She looked the role in her long coat, and red beanie, blue shirt and a pair of leather gloves.

Photos also show McCarthy in a pair of steel-gray trousers, a long beige coat, maroon sweater and a striped shirt. While Melissa was in her character on set, she was quick to give vent to her goofy self during a break.

She broke into her typical smile while she bit into a sandwich and even made jokes with the cast and crew. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Julianne Moore was initially supposed to play the role of Lee Israel. However, McCarthy finally bagged the role. Marielle Heller, who directed Diary of a Teenage Girl will direct the movie with Melissa McCarthy in the lead.

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