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    Louis von Wetzler-Hohenthurm

    As a European of old traditions and culture, I was totally shocked with “Sons of Anarchy”, my first view of this show, was to feel horrified, disgusted and I undergo by different reactions. Meanwhile I watched the show three times, and I memorized around twenty discussions. One of the Best was in Season One, Chapter 13, when Jaxs had a dialogue with the love of his life, who wanted to give up, and go back to Chicago, was so strong and so splendid that I couldn’t leave the show. I love much more British shows than American ones, but Sons is a very Shakespearian show, with lots of elements of Hamlet Prince of Denmark, Charlie Hunnan a fantastic actor, in this show is a modern Hamlet who wants to kill his stepfather Clay (Rob Perelman). His horrendous mother had a reverse Oedipus complex with her son, one of the reasons that at the end, she murdered her sister in law. Sons has marvellous acting indeed, in spite of the outrageous violence and bloody scenes, has been one of the best shows in the American television, maybe thanks to the Brits involved, but the cast and crew were formidable. To reach this conclusion, as I said, I watched the entire show three times, and I memorized many dialogues, and as an amateur actor I tried to find the significance of what was Sons for real. It was a Greek Tragedy? Or a Shakespeare Tragedy well has lots of the former, but it is a real American tragedy.


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