Massive Bloodborne 2 Announcement at E3

With a booming technology industry, Japan has always been at the top end of delivering all of our video game needs. Recently, however, the nation and the video game market alike have seen a shift in video game demand. Now that mobile devices have more processing power than most people thought a phone would ever have, dedicated gamers are looking to mobile gaming to satisfy their gaming itches.

The consequence of this market shift has been the PC and Console gamers being left in the dust. Especially those that are fans of some of Japanese developer’s hottest titles. Luckily for us dedicated console fans, Sony has sought to address the issue by commissioning developers to put out PS4 content at a more rapid pace.

One of the most notable and excited possible previews is that of Bloodborne 2. The developer, From Software, is the well-known creator of a few of video gaming’s most challenging titles such as Dark Souls. The original Bloodbourne had hard core gamers drooling at the mouth as it combined the difficult and tactical gameplay of Dark Souls with and innovative and equally challenging combat system.

Since then the fans have been begging for the second installment of the series, and they might just get their wish. Rumors are currently flying around that a presentation for Bloodbourne 2 is on the agenda for Sony’s press conference during the biggest gaming conference of the year, E3. E3 or the Electronic Entertainment Expo is the holy grail of gaming information that takes place over a three day period every summer.

As rumors spread about the possible announcement of the game, even more speculation is floating in on social media and gaming internet forums around the world. While there is no actual confirmation that the game will be announced at E3, the amount of rumors from important people cannot be ignored. Shawn Layden, the President & CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America and Chairman of SIE Worldwide Studios, was quoted in his interview with Time Magazine as saying, “I think a lot of Japanese developers lost their way chasing the mobile games yen, if you will, but they’re coming back to console in a major way. And speaking of, we’ll have some big announcements at E3 in that precise vein.”

Bloodborne 2Most folks consider coming back to console in a major way as giving the fans what they want. And they want Bloodbourne 2, that is clear. More specifically, the community seems to want the series to develop to a more independent state.

One blog post suggests “The original Bloodborne borrowed heavily from the Dark Souls series. Though the setting was different, the game retained the same hardcore RPG and exploration mechanics as Dark Souls; tasking you to navigate a huge hostile world, killing overpowered enemies and gigantic bosses as you go.”

Maybe this time around the Bloodborne series can create some original mechanics to draw in the crown event further. And with their track record, I don’t doubt it.

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