Manny Pacquiao’s Best Fight Option After Floyd Mayweather Jr. is Terence Crawford, Says Trainer Freddie Roach

In fact, there were a couple of times during the fight itself that the Filipino boxing icon actually acknowledged Floyd Mayweather Jr through a smile or a nod of the eyebrow.

Mayweather has already retired from the sport months ahead of Pacquiao after defeating Andre Berto in September 2015 and scored his 49th win. His 48th win came via a unanimous decision over Pacquiao in May 2015 in what is regarded as the richest boxing match in history.

Shortly after the Vargas match, Pacquiao made an allusion that he wanted Floyd Mayweather Jr. for his next fight via a cryptic image post on his Instagram.

Pacquiao has made his intentions clear that he wants a rematch with Money when he recently showed a specially-tailored jacket on his Instagram account.

In the picture, the eight-division world boxing champion showed the insides of the jacket’s right breast showing Floyd Mayweather Jr., while the left side showing himself.

Both images appear to be sewn into the lining of the customized jacket. Less than three hours after posting the image on the morning of November 14.

A few days later, Floyd Mayweather Jr. publicly came out to say that he will not be coming out of retirement and that a rematch with Pacquiao is not going to happen. But he did say that he might change his mind about it in the near future.

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