Malfunctioning Driverless Uber in San Francisco Raises Safety Concerns for Autonomous Driving Technology!

Incidentally, the discussion over whether Uber must stop its newly launched self-driving car service in San Francisco have concluded without a clear resolution, according to California transport regulators.

Accordingly, state officials have somehow convinced Uber about how the corporation must comply with state regulations for self-driving vehicles.

Following the running the red light incident last month, the state has threatened legal action if Uber continues to pick up passengers in a handful of cars without having gone through a permitting process.

Both the California Department of Motor Vehicles and its parent transportation agency insist Uber is wrong and just an hour after the self-driving service launch, has already sent a letter to the company saying the service was illegal because it does not have the necessary permits.

DMV Chief Counsel Brian Soublet said that if Uber does not confirm immediately to stop its launch and get the necessary permits, the state agency will initiate legal actions against the corporation and take it to court.

Even San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee also shared the views of state officials, saying that what Uber is doing is unlawful and ill-advised. The mayor said that he was worried about the safety of the city’s cyclists and pedestrians, especially when the experiment launching happened in a week when streets were slick with rain.

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