Keion Carpenter’s Sudden Death Shocks The Football Community, Autopsy Results Indicate Blunt Trauma As Cause Of Death. Fans Dedicated To Continue Working For The Carpenter House!

Keion Carpenter died after he hit his head while playing with his son. The NLF player who has played for the Bills and Falcons, was on a family vacation when he fell on the ground and hit his head. Keion Carpenter was chasing his son to the car in Black Point Marina, Miami when he suddenly grabbed the side mirror of the car and fell hard on the ground.

Just Jared reported that Keion Carpenter didn’t make any attempt to break his fall. He fell hard and hit the back of his head on the ground. Keion immediately passed out and regained consciousness in the ambulance. He spoke up to say that he was feeling hot and doctors believe that that was when he suffered a heart attack.

Rumors about Keion Carpenter’s death started circulating even while the player was lying in the hospital. Daily Press reported that Carpenter was alive until Wednesday night and was in a coma for 24 hours.

According to the autopsy, the primary cause of the death was blunt trauma He had bled internally in the brain, and this caused his death. While Keion Carpenter has had several concussions during his football career, the doctors didn’t find any connection between his death and his previous injuries.

Us Magazine reported that the death was caused by accident. He had been hail and hearty. According to Baltimore Sun, Keion Carpenter regularly went for checkups and was very particular about his diet and workout.

Keion Carpenter started his football career in college when he played at Virginia Tech. He began his professional career in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills he was an undrafted free agent. He began in 1999 ad quickly got noticed because of his game.

In three years, he signed with the Atlantic Falcons where he would remain for the next four years. He retired in 2005 with 18 pass breakups, 3 forced fumbles, 14 interceptions and 1 touchdown.

After retiring from NFL, Keion Carpenter started The Carpenter House, which helps the poor to have their own home. Keion might have made it big in life, but he never forgot the Baltimore area where he grew up.

Carpenter was passionate about youth football and coached and mentored young athletes from underprivileged families through The Carpenter House. He was even involved with youth sports programs at Hebron Christian Academy, which was close to his house in Buford.

Alex Benson, the founder of Born2Compete, had spoken to Carpenter to coach some of his youth sports programs. Carpenter was dedicated to the betterment of the young and was highly popular with the kids. The kids realized that he would always be there with them and hence loved him for it.

Keion Carpenter

Carpenter was dedicated to The Carpenter House. He was available even in the middle of the night and wouldn’t think twice before stepping in to help. Keion Carpenter made sure that he was there whenever his people asked him for help, and they subsequently were always there to assist him.

The Carpenter House team said that they would keep up the legacy of Keion Carpenter alive even in his absence. Carpenter’s friends and family said that they would keep working for The Carpenter House and would make sure that they do whatever it takes to keep working on the path that Carpenter wanted to.

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