Jeremy Lin Returns to Brooklyn Nets’ Starting Lineup But Gets a Rude Awakening from the Tororonto Raptors - Page 2 of 2 - Master Herald

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    As always, Lin cannot win games for Nets alone. Despite coming out from a long layoff, take note of his plays especially on defense. He may not be shooting much; but look at his rebounds, steals, assists. Unfortunately, the Nets currently have a bunch of idiots. No amount of good passes and assists makes Lin’s teammates score. Even the slow moving lazy jumper Lopez is not doing justice to Lin’s efforts. Lin would have been better playing for another team that has a few talented players. As for now, Nets have a bunch of amateurs.

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    Monica Levinskaya

    His teammates could not finish and they made so many bad passes. It was tough to watch. Too many rookies in their 2nd unit, at the moment. Normally, they would be 3rd string, but with all the injuries and required rest, they get to move up.


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