Final Fantasy 15: Prompto DLC Pack Out Soon

Final Fantasy XV will be out on June 27 and is titled Episode Prompto. A new gameplay trailer for this DLC pack has also been released.

Episode Prompto follows Episode Gladiolus which was released in March. Prompto will be seen searching for the truth of his origin. It will be set in a frigid arctic location and will be the first time where Prompto will be playable in Final Fantasy XV.

The trailer displays Prompto channeling his inner Solid Snake while going through corridor-shooting action. According to Square Enix’s promotional statement on the trailer, “experience an untold story as Prompto fights to discover the truth behind his origins and to take control of his own fate [in the DLC].”

In Episode Prompto, the player will have access to weaponry including rocket launchers, assault rifles, grenades and others.

Final Fantasy XV was previously released in November, 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Owners of the Season Pass will have access to the DLC at no cost, however, those without a Pass will have to buy it for 24.99$.

The Season Pass summary states, “Get access to three original episodes, an online co-op multiplayer mode and more. Gladio, Ignis and Prompto will become playable characters and a co-op mode for up to 4 players will be added to the game. FFXV will continue to expand with these new gameplay experiences.”

Square Enix also listed a few more details from Final Fantasy XV which will include the “Regalia Type-D”, a version of Noctis’ vehicle that will allow them to take the Regalia off the main road.

Meanwhile, a survey was also created in May to ask players to indicate what they would like to see from the future updates. Voting for the updates will end in June.

The official Facebook page of Final Fantasy XV has been updating the fans with teasers and promos. They also reported that Naoshi Mizuta is the guest composer for Episode Prompto. He is famous for composing famous games such as Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Final Fantasy 15: Prompto DLC Pack Out SoonFinal Fantasy XV includes a total of six episodes as well as a “an all-new gameplay mode.”

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