Ellen Uninvites Kim Burrell on Her Talk Show After the Singer Preached About Perverted Homosexual Spirit!

Burrell also warned members of her congregation that if they engaged in homosexual behavior while they professed to be Christians in 2017, they would die from it.

She was quoted as saying that anybody in the room who is living with a homosexual spirit, they should beg God to free them. If they play with it in 2017 they would die from it. If they play with it in 2017 in God’s house they would die from it, she went on to say.

Burrell also said she was not speaking about the people in general but merely addressing her church people.

She also noted that only a short clip of her sermon was posted online to make it look like she has a personal agenda against gays and homosexuals.

The gospel singer said that there are a lot of people that she is aware of that struggle or deal or have that spirit. She claims that she does not have the right to say who is going to hell or not because it is not her call to make.

She also reiterated that she has nothing about gays and what she was raising during her sermon was all about sin and nothing more. But her explanation was not sufficient to make Ellen change her mind.

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