Duterte Shoots Himself in the Foot Again with the ‘Throwing a Person Off a Helicopter’ Tall Tale!

Interestingly, his political opposition’s only weapon against him at the moment is the supposed human rights violations which Duterte’s most outspoken detractor, the former Department of Justice Secretary and now Senator Leila De Lima is using.

The problem is, De Lima is being accused of coddling drug lords and taking millions of bribe money from known drug lords in the country to further her campaign to become a Senator of the Philippines from two years back and she insists that all the accusations against her are meant to cloud the extra-judicial killings being inspired by Duterte.

De Lima once served as Chairperson of the Philippine Commission on Human Rights during the administration of President Gloria Arroyo and Secretary of the Department of Justice under President Noynoy Aquino. She launched an investigation against Duterte for his alleged Davao Death Squad but in the nine years that she was in power, she was not able to prove anything.

So her claims against Duterte was a mere rehash and are merely being supported by the almost daily killings as a result of the war on illegal drugs. But Duterte has already made it clear that there are no state-sponsored killings of drug suspects.

He clarified that police are ordered to do what is necessary particularly in a situation where they see that their life is in danger, especially if the suspects decide to fight back while being pursued or apprehended.

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