Don Lemon Had a Little Too Much to Drink When He Agreed to Have His Ear Pierced Live During New Year’s Eve!

CNN anchor Don Lemon certainly had a wonderful New Year’s Eve which was highlighted by his decision to agree on having his ears pierced live during a coverage of the occasion in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Apparently, the CNN anchor had a little too much to drink during that night and admitted to viewers that he was lit, which was a slang term for drunk, reported the Boston Globe.

Lemon was reporting for CNN on the festivities at The Spotted Cat in New Orleans with Brooke Baldwin on December 31 and he made sure that they rang in the New Year by taking shots on live TV, getting his ear pierced, and discussing his love life.

Reports also have it that CNN headquarters in Atlanta reportedly cut Lemon’s mic after he started saying that 2016 was awful just after the countdown to midnight.

His coverage of the New Year’s Eve festivities began with himself showing the cameras that he was drinking a beer before taking a shot three hours before midnight but he did not stop there.

Baldwin was even overheard saying that his drinking was way too early to start their coverage of the New Year’s Eve.

Lemon also served liquor to a couple from behind the bar during another segment where Baldwin was quoted as saying that the tequila is like emitting from his pores already.

The CNN anchor was also dared by Kathy Griffin to get a tattoo or piercing on his nipple and at one point began to take off his jacket and shirt. Later on, he opted to get his ear pierced.

When he reached for a pre-piercing drink, Baldwin asked in a serious tone if they can please not give Lemon shots anymore, realizing that her companion is already tipsy on live TV.

Does not care what people say about him

At one point during his tipsy state, Don Lemon was also quoted as saying that he didn’t really care what people were saying about him.

He said that people are saying that he is drunk and then admitted that he is drunk. But he told them who cares because the entire New Orleans was drunk that night and Lemon was saying it in front of the camera.

Lemon also told Baldwin that he was reevaluating his love life and what he wanted in 2017, saying that he needs a little more balance in work and life. He said he may be open to a relationship in 2017 because he was not last year. He also said that he was a bad person to date.

As if to rescue his fellow anchor on live TV, Baldwin asked Lemon whether they should go toward such direction of the conversation.

But Lemon went on to say that he is not going to be as self-centered as before and adding that he will try to live his life to the fullest and no longer care what people think about him. He also added that he knows what he wants because it is his life.

Making Griffin looked like an amateur

Some critics say that putting Lemon’s on-air shenanigans has made Kathy Griffin looked like an amateur. She happened to be shouting loads of ‘nipple’ during the broadcast too, notes the Daily Wire.

Just before getting an ear piercing, Lemon also said that if the thing hurts, he is going to be so mad promptly after downing a shot of tequila.

Making the assumption that her inebriated co-host’s mother is watching the broadcast, Baldwin said to Mother Lemon that she does not know what her son is thinking and then saying that at least it is just the ear that he agreed to get pierced.

As the host’s ear is being pierced by a tattooed man on live air, Lemon worries aloud that he might get blood on his jacket. He said that it has to go back to Brooks Brothers.

Later in the broadcast, the duo had a discussion about New Year’s resolutions. Lemon also claimed he doesn’t believe in resolutions per se.

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