Diablo Recreated in Diablo III for Its 20th Birthday Anniversary Event, What Should You Know About It?

It has been recommended by Blizzard that players should begin the event with a Level 1 character instead of heading into Classic Diablo. A cosmetic reward is also available on using a fresh character to tackle the dungeon.

There are several things to be found here. Players who manage to kill all the four bosses in the game will get two banners Ogden’s sign and Ogden’s brew.

The Dark Lord will drop the Red Soul Shard. It can be used to transmog equipment for head slot. The Butcher’s Cleaver will surely drop off The Butcher. 1-handed axes, maces, and swords can be trans mod with it. In the anniversary event, the Wirt’s Leg is a weapon that can be crafted.

It can also be used to transmog swords, maces, and 1-handed axes. After salvaging Wirt’s leg, you will receive Map of the Stars, and it will read 2-1-3.

You can head over to Adria’s Hut and select cow corpses in the order middle, left and followed by right. It will lead to the opening of the Abandoned Farmstead Portal. You can then head through the portal and discover Wirt’s stash.

Stay tuned for more updates on Diablo 20th Birthday!

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