Diablo Recreated in Diablo III for Its 20th Birthday Anniversary Event, What Should You Know About It?

Blizzard loves Diablo and it will soon celebrate its 20th anniversary. It first debuted on the final day of 96. They have planned to celebrate Diablo’s anniversary with a special Diablo III in-game event that will recreate some of the key attempts from the original game.

The most notable amongst them is the recreation of the iconic centerpiece 16-level dungeon as part of Darkening of Tristram. It will provide devs and contemporary players with an interesting perspective on the original design of the game. The promo video for the event went live this week in the 2.4.3 patch for Diablo III.

The optional retrograde has the original bosses and levels of Diablo but also includes changes to the audio, camera and interface of Diablo III. They are the ones that managed to evoke the original title. According to Blizzard, they have plans to revive this Diablo promo in Diablo III every year so as to celebrate the birthday of the original game. It is making a genuine effort to promote the seminal action-RPG in a great many ways.

This includes sharing of a fun retrospective video which features Blizzard devs. If you wish to check out more about the game and how achieved completion, see designer David Brevik’s latest postmortem on the project and the original pitch document for Diablo that was posted in 1994.

The owners of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls of PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One can get the chance to dive deep, get new loot, battle the legendary Diablo enemies and gain a lot of new achievements. The anniversary patch is the latest patch of Diablo III.

The game should be updated to the latest version if Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls expansion is installed. The patch introduces a number of interesting fixes including current game modes, fixes to classes, items and also sets the Darkening of Tristram anniversary event in live. During this event, players can dive into the dungeon which is inspired by original Diablo.

It is also not the first Diablo game that was recreated and remastered within Diablo III. It is more comparable to a rift that has been rejuvenated to look like Diablo I. The sound and graphics are reminiscent of the original Diablo game. The movement of players is restricted to eight directions and there are classic Diablo bosses like Diablo himself and The Butcher in the 16-level rift.

Only in January, the event will be available live in-game and it will go away after the end of the month. According to Blizzard Entertainment, there will be annual anniversary events in the future and a precursor event will be available from 1st to 3rd January every year.

How is it possible to get to access to this content, you say? Well, you can start the anniversary event content in Act 1, the Old Ruins waypoint and you will find a pentagram on the map which is labeled ‘The Darkening of Tristram’. If you head south from this waypoint into the Old Tristram location, you will see a Town Portal which has the ‘Tristram’ label.

Diablo  20th Birthday

Once you enter the portal, you will be presented with a pixelated look from the game and this will let you know that you are inside the Anniversary event. The event is a 16-level dungeon that comes with four bosses: The Butcher, Skeleton King, Arch-Bishop Lazarus and The Dark Lord (Diablo).

You will find that the last two bosses are quite unmissable and you have to fight them regardless. The Skeleton King and The Butcher are a little off the beaten path. Level 2 is where the butcher’s room is located and both of its entrances has the presence of blood. Level 4 has the Skeleton King’s room and it is located in an area called King Leoric’s Tomb.

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