Designated Survivor Season 2: Cast News

The upcoming season of this political drama will bring many changes!

Ever since season 2 of ABC drama Designated Survivor has been confirmed, we’ve been hearing about all sorts of changes.

For starters, this show will be seeing a lot of new faces in the upcoming season. According to Kiefer Sutherland, these three newcomers will be principal characters, and they are set to “round out the complexities of running the White House” but also to allow the story to dig deeper into the lives of its protagonists.

Zoe McLellan – It has been confirmed that NCIS: New Orleans and Suits star has been added as a series regular. She will be portraying the role of Kendra Daynes, the new White House counsel. From the official description, we only know that she is a brilliant lawyer, who had landed the job of her dreams, advising one of the most influential men in the world.

We can expect for this character to develop close relationships with the rest of the White House staff as she takes care of a whole lot of legal issues.

Ben Lawson – Another announced series regular will be former The Deep End cast member Ben Lawson. He will be playing and MI-6 operative by the name of Damian Rennett, who meets Maggie while going undercover as a Dutchman in Amsterdam.

Their relationship will begin with mutual wariness, then, according to reports, the two will be competitive with each other, but there will also be some irresistible chemistry that is destined to complicate matters further. Lawson was recently all over the place, showing up in recurring/guest roles on Grimm, Doubt as well as Secrets&Lies.

Paulo Constanzo – In the upcoming season, this Royal Pains regular is set to appear as the Political Director of the White House in the upcoming season, Lyor Boone. His character will be whiz kid who is brought on by Emily (played by Italia Ricci) to help a presidency that is clearly struggling with its messaging and political strategy. President Kirkman (played by Sutherland) is uneasy when it comes to Lyor.

Even though his talents are undeniable he dislikes dealing with the necessity for a next generation political operator who is wheeling and dealing all the time. Constanzo’s characters cynicism will clash with Kirkman’s idealism, and Kirkman will have to admit that the youngster is right. In order for Americans to believe in their government again, they will have to believe in Tom Kirkman first – and that is where Lyor can help.

But, don’t get too excited, the show’s star, Kiefer Sutherland warned viewers that they shouldn’t get too attached to the characters, as something game-changing and shocking will happen to some of them in the new season. Can’t even imagine what he hinted at, but we cannot wait to see it!

In addition to all of this, we learned that Season 2 will have to be without Virginia Madsen who played a conservative Congresswoman in Season 1, and the GOP’s designated survivor Kimble Hookstraten. When the series started, she seemed to be one of the main rivals to Kirkland, but, by the end of Season 1, she struck a deal with the president to become his new Secretary of Education.

Kiefer SutherlandWe thought that this would lead to her having a big role in Season 2, but Madsen told her fans on Twitter not to expect more of Kimble. She said that this was a great role, and she’s sorry she won’t be returning for Season 2.

“I really enjoyed it- and the wonderful cast mates I got to work with.”

In other news, the show is once more changing its showrunner, this time, as showrunner number four, we have Keith Eisner (executive producer on The Good Wife, producer on NYPD Blue, Law&Order, Gilmore Girls).

This show seems to have a lot of problems with its showrunners. This political drama’s original showrunner was Amy B. Harris, who was replaced with Jon Harmon Feldman after the pilot got picked up. After he left the show in December, Jeff Melvoi has helmed the show, but now he’ll be leaving too.

This series is executive produced by and it stars Kiefer Sutherland. His character who is the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development gets thrown into presidency after a terrorist attack kills everyone who was before him in the line of succession.

Filming for “Designated Survivor” should be on its way, after the cast and crew took a much-

Needed break after the first season concluded May 17. We are expecting Designated Survivor Season 2 will be back in September with brand new episodes, and new characters developments.

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