Conan O’Brien Set To Shoot An Episode In Mexico, Gifts James White A White Ford F-150. Facing Copyright Infringement Suit From Kaseberg!

Conan O’Brien is a highly popular talk-show host. He is under contract with TBS, which will end soon. Since Conan O’Brien hasn’t renewed his contract with TBS, there’s speculation that he might be looking for other options.

O’Brien’s current earning from the contract is $12 million and given that he is seeking to renew the contract, he might go for a hike in his salary. TBS knows that they cannot afford to let him go, especially with Google looking to get him for their new streaming site.

Fortune reported that TBS and Conan O’Brien have decided to film a part of Conan in Mexico. Given President Trump’s comment on Mexican immigrants and his decision to build a wall, the relationship between the US and Mexico is rather shaky.

TBS and Conan O’Brien decided to film a special episode of his popular show in an attempt to sort out the issues and distract the general public from the current political tension spewing between the two countries.

O’Brien spoke about his decision in the last episode of Conan. He said that given all the negativity from the news reports, he wanted to try and rectify the relationship between Mexico and the US and he thought his show would be a positive element in the midst of all these tensions.

With this intention in mind, Conan O’Brien and TBS are planning on hiring a studio in Mexico City, where they would bring in Mexican staff and crew. The special episode will only have a Mexican audience and bring in Mexican guests. The special episode will be called Conan Without Borders: Made in Mexico.

Conan O’Brien had previously taken his show on the road when he was the first late-night television host to film an episode in Cuba. The comedian had headed to the island country when diplomatic relations were again cold. He has previously been to Berlin, South Korea, Doha, and Armenia.

For a comedian, the jokes that their team creates for them are precious. Conan O’Brien is known for his impressive jokes, sometimes which are hard-hitting. In such a situation, it is evident that the comedian and his team of writers will have an issue with another comedian blaming them for stealing his jokes.

Forbes reported that Robert Kaseberg, a comedian, and blogger had accused Conan O’Brien and his team of stealing his jokes. Kaseberg has sued them for $1 million for all the damages and profits made for the five and more jokes that he claims they have stolen from him.

Kaseberg pointed out at least five one-liners that he had used on his blog, which was supposedly borrowed by Conan O’Brien in a modified state. Forbes reported that the case is set to take an interesting turn since there isn’t any particular jurisprudence on comedy thievery and borrowing of ideas present on YouTube, Twitter, and different blogs.

Conan O’Brien

Conan O’Brien has a clear upper-hand in the case since Kaseberg hadn’t applied for a copyright on his content, whereas O’Brien’s team has that in place. Conan’s counsel had shared that the comedian’s version of the jokes on Washington Monument and Delta Airlines were present before Kaseberg created his quips.

Conan’s legal aid have fought Kaseberg’s claim on the Washington Monument joke saying that Conan O’Brien had used a reference to the same joke in the previous year and that could have been the source of Kaseberg’s joke in the first place, where he would be violating copyright laws.

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