Christian Navarro Debuts New Song Inspired by 13 Reasons Why Plot

While we are waiting for the second season of this hit Netflix show, a cast member, Christian Navarro released a song inspired by his character.

Navarro debuted the song on his Instagram page, saying that he collaborated with a friend. Evangelia wrote the song that talks about Tony’s point of view in the series. Of course, Navarro’s fans loved this post, because if you listen closely, lyrics of the song will remind you of your favorite leather jacket enthusiast. A real theme song for the character of Tony Padilla.

“What began as a casual jam session ended up offering a glimpse into Tony’s mind. And now we have a fucking song! My friend and fellow artist @evangeliamusic wrote the song, and I had the pleasure of working on it with her. What do you think? Wanna hear the rest?” Navarro wrote under the video.

Season two of this hit show is on its way. In the second season 13 Reasons Why is going to pick up after the events of the second season.  The production started several weeks ago, and Navarro was the first to tweet about it, excited to repeat his role of Tony Padilla.

In season 1, Tony was the only person who got his hands on cassette tapes that were recorded by Hannah Baker (played by Katherine Langford) before she committed suicide who was not involved in her reasons for killing herself.

Many people asked how can there be season two if the story is over? But it is not. We only saw Hannah’s version of events, but there are at the very least 12 other kids that have their own versions of those events, versions we haven’t heard, so there’s a lot of Hannah’s story left.

The series made an impact when it premiered. The graphic depiction of suicide riled people, but the cast and crew remained unperturbed and kept going.

Director and executive producer Tom McCarthy explained it like this “You always want to make a show that connects and I think we knew we were making a show we felt we were onto something with the show we were creating. You can never anticipate a response, especially with the young adult viewers…I don’t know if controversy is the right word…it’s a debate, it’s a conversation and there is prof on both sides who have very strong reactions to it, and I think that’s exciting.”

We got a hint of the second season from actress Kate Walsh, who plays the role of Olivia Baker, Hannah’s mother. She said that her character will continue to look for answers regarding the real reason why her daughter chose to end her life. Also, she stated that there are more elements of this story, and they will be unveiled in season two. More and more of this mystery will be revealed.

Since this show is based on a novel written by Jay Asher, and that everything that happened in the novel had already happened in the show, and that is where the novel story ends, people thought that’s it, but Brian Yorkey surprised everyone when he said that the story isn’t over just yet.

Walsh also talked about series creator Brian Yorkey and his ingenious approach to season two.

“His use of time and going back and forth in time, we’ll see more of that,” the actress stated. “He has such an incredibly all-encompassing vision for the show. He does a great job of playing with storytelling in a kind of Rashomon kind of way, so you see it from lots of different points of views.”

christian navarroSeason two will be about other people’s stories, events seen through different eyes, it will give us closure on those Hannah left behind, but it will also be about healing, and about how we go on because people always say that we have to.

Season two cast remains unchanged, we will get to see Dylan Minnette, Christian Navarro, Justin Prentice and Alisha Boe and Katherine Langford all together again. Yep, you saw it well, Hannah Baker will still be involved in the season two.

Filming of the new season started in June, but Netflix still didn’t announce the official release date. All we know is that it will be sometime in 2018. Season one is now streaming on Netflix.

All we can do until the new season arrives is wait, watch the old episodes and listen to Tony’s song. Wonder if the show’s creators will include it in the new season if it becomes popular enough?


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