Castlevania Season 2: Netflix Looking for More from this Video Game Adaptation

Fans of classic video games may very well rejoice right now. Last week on July 7, the video-on-demand streaming service, Netflix premiered Castlevania.  After watching the whole series which contains four episodes with an average of 25 minutes each, everyone is clamoring for more.

Indeed, Netflix then tweeted, “4 episodes now streaming, 8 more in the works.” So, it is safe to assume that a second season for the surprisingly exciting, dark and humorous series of Castlevania is confirmed.

The series is an adaptation of a popular classic video game, Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse by Konami. Renowned comic-book writer and icon, Warren Ellis adapted the game into a medieval horror animated series.

He is a co-creator of several best-selling series which includes Red and Global Series. It is still to be confirmed if he would continue to write the script or invite other writers for the second season. But with the cliffhanger in the last episode with the title “Monument”, Ellis would most likely continue with the series.

Speaking of the ending, the series altogether really felt like a comic book come to life. The story is set in 15th century gothic period where science was still a bizarre concept. Gothic per say, because most celebrated evil creatures like vampires and wolves are represented. Vlad Dracula Tepes (Graham McTavish), obviously a vampire, is a highly intellectual being with advanced scientific knowledge.

He marries Lisa (Emily Swallow) who has a thirst for science but was burned at stake by conservatives and religious men accusing her of witchcraft. Suffice to say, Dracula got mad then one can literally say all hell broke loose.

I can’t ruin the intrigue and the whole plot for you, so I’ll just cut to the chase. The whole series’ summed up is about a vampire hunter, Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage) last of the House of Belmont, and his journeys in defeating the villains of the series. On his way, he saved Sypha (Alejandra Reynoso) and met with a “sleeping soldier”, half-vampire half-human, Alucard (James Callis). With a surprise in the end, you’ll sure be hungry for more.

Executive producer of The Grey and Lone Survivor, Adi Shankar, produced the animated series. He says he has deep respect of the original game and a live-action show would not give justice to the game. His aim was to make Castlevania, America’s first animated series for adults. “It’s going to be R-Rated as f***!” Shankar said. He added, “It is very much done in the Game of Thrones”.

Just like other modern TV series that are set in the primitive times, it follows the kind of sequence that is violent, gory and flashy. The characters talk with cuss words and are sarcastic most of the time. It must be the fad of these kinds of series probably because it is also well-sought by the audience.

Sam Deats is the director of the series. Same with Ellis and voice actors, it is not yet confirmed if he would continue filming the animated series in Season 2.

Netflix sure has sparked interest to both young and old generation because of the adaptation of a classic video game. The launch of the Season 2 has not been disclosed yet but the viewers are ready for more of the action-packed horror miniseries.

CastlevaniaOne thing we’re quite sure of is that it has 8 episodes which are twice than the first season. Could we expect longer episodes by that time or do fans want it to be just like every comic book in animation that plays shorter episodes?

It’s a long a wait but Season 2 is coming!

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