Can Nintendo Avoid the Launch Issues of the Wii U with the Switch This Year?

All the talk about the upcoming Nintendo Switch must be making some executives as the company at least slightly nervous. There is a huge amount of attention focused on them right now, and every move they make with regards to the console in the public goes through a lot of scrutiny. Which is probably why Nintendo have been a bit reluctant to go into any major details about what the console is going to offer.

One of the things that stand out among all the claims is that the company is apparently paying a lot more attention to launch titles this time around. This is a reassuring sight, as this was arguably the biggest problem of the Wii U when it launched, and the main reason for many people to completely ignore the console.

It’s true that Nintendo relied far too much on their own reputation and standing with gamers back then and this backfired spectacularly. Now, they seem to be putting more work into trying to secure attractive third-party deals, and so far it seems to be working out more or less well. Of course, the actual launch date of the console is going to be the true test.

Among the confirmed launch titles, “Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove” and “Fast RMX” stand out for many gamers, as they’re already known names that inspire confidence in those planning to invest in the platform. The developers of “Shovel Knight” in particular seem to be going quite far in ensuring that their fans will have something to enjoy on the new console, and gamers have been responding in kind.

Meanwhile, Nintendo are doubling down on their efforts to bring more and more third-party titles to the platform, and they’ve even scheduled a special presentation at the end of this month, where they’re going to go over some of the more interesting additions to their catalog coming from the indie corner of the industry.

On the other hand, some have pointed out that the company still has some problems with the way they’re handling the platform, mainly with regards to the segmentation of their online stores. For example, games offered on the Virtual Console will actually not be available on the Switch, even though some gamers were expecting the support to arrive out of the box and were already gearing up to play some of the Virtual Console titles on the new platform.

This particular move makes some sense at least, as it could simply mean that Nintendo want to focus more actively on the newer titles in their catalog, instead of putting too much effort into making older releases available for new hardware.

At the same time, it would have been a good move by them to give gamers access to their classic titles like that, and some see it as a big missed opportunity for the company. It’s hard to tell how much this could impact the sales of the Switch, but the console is in a very sensitive spot right now where every little statement about it can affect it severely.

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It’s also possible that Nintendo are only doing this because they already have something else lined up for the Switch to replace what Virtual Console offered, but that brings us back to the original problem we described above about Nintendo segmenting their markets in ways that are uncomfortable to their main audience.

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