Brad Pitt’s Refusal to Pay Child Support to Angelina Jolie Unexpectedly Reignites Rumors of Reconciliation

The former relationship of stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is easily one of the favorite topics of celebrity followers nowadays. And even though we haven’t seen any good signs that the two might be thinking of getting back together, this hasn’t stopped people from discussing the possibility on a regular basis. What’s even stranger, some fans seem to interpret certain negative events as possible signs that the two might be coming to an agreement behind the scenes.

For example, it recently came to light that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are involved in a serious dispute over child support payments, with Pitt refusing to pay the $100,000 monthly installments that have been requested from him.

And while most would see this as a definite sign that things aren’t going well between the two, others have been much more optimistic. According to that point of view, this could actually be an indication that the former couple might be getting close to a complete reconciliation, although the exact logic behind that remains a bit unclear.

It does make some small amount of sense when one looks at the situation from a certain perspective. It’s possible that Brad Pitt is refusing to pay child support because he wants to have a more active presence in Jolie’s life, and he could see an agreement to those payments as an indication of the opposite.

On the other hand, it’s not that clear what Jolie’s stance on the situation may be, and whether or not this could be indicative of a desire to get back together with Brad Pitt on her side. What’s publicly known certainly doesn’t point in that direction – recently, Jolie has made it clear that she wants to have full custody over the children, which would indicate that she doesn’t want the presence of Brad Pitt in her life all that much.

What’s more, Pitt apparently also isn’t quite fond of all the public attention her custody battle has been receiving, as he also filed for a motion to seal the custody records. While this will certainly keep some nosy folks out of the case, we’re sure that more determined followers are still going to find ways to get their hands on some juicy materials from the court proceedings.

Some publications have also pointed out that the move is likely related to allegations of child abuse that are involved in the case, further complicating things. If that turns out to be true, we hope that the privacy of the children involved will be respected to the fullest.

Seeing as how they’re the children of a celebrity couple though, that’s highly unlikely. As we pointed out above, it’s pretty much guaranteed that many people will keep poking their noses in the whole ordeal and will try to find out as much as they can. And given the sensitive nature of the case, this can make things even messier. Getting the public involved in an ongoing trial involving child abuse never ends well.

brad pitt and angelina jolie

So far, everyone involved in the case has put a lot of effort to keep details about it concealed from the public. As the notoriety of the situation keeps growing though, we expect that attention to follow suit, and sooner or later it might become too difficult of a task to keep this all under wraps. Hopefully the children involved will not come out additionally traumatized by all this attention.

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