Bethesda Looking for Inspiration for Elder Scrolls 6: This is Your Chance to Design the Game Like You’ve Always Wanted

Elder Scrolls 6 is a highly anticipated title from Bethesda Softworks, even though the company is not very keen on the release date as of yet. Most of the ‘reports’ that you might come across now are a fragment of the fans’ imagination, with no official links to what the actual game will be like.

Elder Scrolls 6 is highly anticipated, since its previous installment, titled Skyrim, was a trendsetter. However, a game of this caliber requires precise engineering and designing, which obviously takes much time.

The gamers however tend to grow impatient with the passage of time. If you consider the present rumors surrounding Elder Scrolls 6, for example, you will realize that most of them are spread by magazines that are in no way related to the gaming industry.

We cannot point out names for obvious reasons, but these websites have no clue as to what they are saying. This is the best time for fans to state their demands and views about the upcoming installment if any as the game is in its preliminary stages.

This is the time when Bethesda is likely to look around for inspiration and what could be better than fans stepping up to the situation, as in the end, it is the fans that will play the game. Elder Scrolls 6 is a vital part of the franchise’s storyline, as it is expected to carry on from where Skyrim left the plot.

The Elder Scrolls Series is very interactive and capable of handling mods quite easily. Hence, fans and game developers like to work on this series. Skyrim, for example, featured numerous modification and graphics enhancement packs that changed the entire outlook of the game, even though gamers needed extremely high hardware support to be able to run the game without lag.

However, hardware aside, Bethesda is well aware of the fans’ motivation and is hence likely to carry on with their devised strategy of creating an interactive platform for Elder Scrolls 6 as well.

Even though what Bethesda finally does with the game is still a very long time off for us to see, for now it seems that they are looking for inspiration. A fellow website revealed that the designers have asked gamers for insights into what they think that Elder Scrolls 6 should be like.

Elder Scrolls 6

If this is indeed the case, fans have a reason to cheer for as they have a chance to shape the game like they always hoped for. Customizing the game will also get easier if the fans are a part of the game’s base design.

Bethesda has taken on a very interesting strategy for game designing, although, we need to see how far they succeed in this endeavor. Stay tuned for additional news, reports and information from the gaming fraternity.

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