‘Arrow’ Season 5 Second Half May See Felicity Smoak Putting an End to Villain Prometheus!

Stephen Amell also expressed his excitement and gratitude to the crew and the show’s fans as he posted on Instagram the great news of “Arrow” Season 6 confirmation. Alongside Amell in the photo was David Ramsey, who plays John Diggle, who showed in the photo his six fingers denoting that their show is heading for a sixth season.

In a recent report, the producers affirmed their final decision that Season 5 will end Oliver’s backstory.

The same reports also say that the producers have already made a definite plan on how Season 5 of “Arrow” will end. Just like in the past four seasons, they will once again leave another cliffhanger, knowing that Season 6 is already a go.

It is possible that the story arc of Prometheus would no longer carry through to Season 6 so the showrunners and writers may have already thought of his demise in the second half of Season 5.

Oliver still needs to find out who Prometheus really is and it is possible that he could tie up to his backstory in Russia where he has been searching for Talia to find out where and how did Prometheus got his fighting moves, which only reminded Oliver of his days in Lian Yu.

The 10th episode of “Arrow” Season 5 is “Who Are You?” and it would air on January 25 on The CW.

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