‘Arrow’ Season 5 Second Half May See Felicity Smoak Putting an End to Villain Prometheus!

Known for being the guiding light of the show, Emily Bett Rickard’s Felicity Smoak is about to unravel her dark side in the aftermath of the death of her boyfriend, Star City Police Department Detective Billy Malone, played by Tyler Ritter, during the midseason finale of “Arrow” Season 5.

Just before the show’s hiatus, it was shown how Felicity was tormented emotionally upon learning of her boyfriend’s death in the hands of Oliver Queen.

Because of Prometheus’ desire to take revenge against Oliver, played by Stephen Amell, the villain set up SCPD’s Detective Billy Malone as his bait during his fight with the Green Arrow.

With no idea that he was chasing not the real Prometheus, Oliver fired an arrow right through the heart only to find out that it was not Prometheus.

When he told Felicity about the accident, his former girlfriend was devastated.

According to reports, the tech genius will be running through her darkest days in the second half of “Arrow” Season 5 which could trigger her determination to kill Prometheus herself.

Felicity already went through her rough days in Season 4 when she got paralyzed after the ghosts attacked her and Oliver while they were inside the car on the directive of Damien Darhk. She also had to endure the nuclear fallout of Havenrock and some twisted family affairs as well.

Despite those bad experiences, Felicity still managed to lighten up herself and do her part to help Team Arrow.

However, it is possible that viewers may finally see the last of her geeky yet uplifting character after being devastated by what happened to her boyfriend.

Felicity’s trigger

The death of Billy Malone could be Felicity’s trigger to find Prometheus.

“Arrow” showrunner Marc Guggenheim confirms that there will be a bolder and edgier Felicity Smoak in the second half of “Arrow” Season 5.

Guggenheim also said that it is something that viewers have not thought or theorized about which he believes could be a good story arc for the Team Arrow’s tech genius character.

He added that Billy Malone’s death will sum up all the worst things Felicity had been through in her life, most of which happened when she was with Team Arrow.

It is possible that it might affect her way of thinking but she will remain on the good side since it would be difficult to imagine Felicity Smoak going dark and becoming a villain in the TV series.

Guggenheim gave fans the assurance that Felicity will be the Felicity they have known from the start and will remain on the good side. She will just be going through a rough patch.

The showrunner also added that while he would love to include Felicity’s parents – Tom Amandes, who served as the Calculator whom Felicity had fought with in Season 4 and her lovely and cheerful mother, Wendy – during her dilemma, it would also be a good idea to keep them out of it to see the evolution of Felicity.

Guggenheim said that he would definitely love to bring Felicity’s parents back but he admitted they want to try out new things on the character first so that fans would get to see a new dimension.

Season 6 already confirmed

As confirmed by the showrunners, “Arrow” has already been confirmed by The CW network for Season 6.

It was executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, who confirmed that “Arrow” is a go for Season 6 but refused to validate rumors that it could be the last for the TV series as well.

Kreisberg said that the Season 5 of the show will end in the same place where it all began, which possibly means that it could feature the very last flashback of Oliver Queen where he saw the boat that rescued him from Lian Yu island shown during the pilot episode.

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