Agents of Mayhem Release Date

LEGION, the villainous group in Agents of Mayhem, truly sets the tone for this open world action game. You see, LEGION stands for League of Evil Gentleman Intent on Obliterating Nations. That is the silly/cartoon driven storyline that fuels this third person shooter.

After announcing the game at last year’s E3, fans are excited to finally have an official release date.

The game releases August 15 in North America and August 18 everywhere else. But what is all the hype about? Agents of Mayhem has combined a unique gameplay experience with an entertaining storyline.

The game allows the player to choose three separate agents to take into the open world environment. The player is allowed to switch between those agents at any time within the story allowing for countless combos with the different agents abilities.

For instance, a player may stun a group of enemies with one character, then switch and grenade them with another. But, the big selling point seems to be the number of agents in the game.

Instead of three generic agents the game provides an “undisclosed amount” according to the developer. Clearly, they are focused on the playability of this game, making sure players can play through with three different characters with a unique experience.


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