A Candy That Fights Cavities Does Exist

Tooth decay is one of the biggest afflictions facing the children of the world.  This can be attributed to the mass amounts of sugar children consume through chocolates, candies and other treats.  It is a well-known fact that candy causes cavities; however, there are a few candy creations which allow people to indulge in their favourite candy treats without the negative effects of regular, sugar-loaded, candy.    

Loloz is a lollilop and lozenge which is a tasty treat that works hard to combat cavities and odour causing bacteria in the mouth. The secret ingredient, which all of these benefits can be attributed to, is glycyrrhizin.  Glycyrrhizin is found in liquorice roots and is used in treatments of ulcers and coughs, and its cavity fighting property has made it a key ingredient of toothpaste. 

In the time of the hunter-gatherers, liquorice roots were a favourite to chew on because they provide a thirst-quenching effect and they are a little bit sweeter than other roots (which can be attributed to the fact that glycyrrhizin is a natural sweetener which is 50 times sweeter than refined sugar). 

This is not an invitation to run to your nearest supermarket and stock your cupboards with delicious liquorice candy; liquorice found in the supermarket contains far too many added ingredients, including refined sugar, to have any positive effect on your teeth.  It is the raw, black and unsweetened liquorice which contains all of the beneficial properties.  Loloz has been manufactured to be a delicious lollipop which retains the benefits of raw liquorice and does not contain any sugar; it is suitable for a diabetic diet.     

Glycyrrhizin is not used as a commercial sweetener due to its overwhelming liquorice flavour and too much glycyrrhizin can result in heart arrhythmias; an increase in blood pressure; and a reduction of potassium levels in the body; however, Loloz contains the perfect amount which can give you beautiful pearly whites.

Do not despair if you do not like the taste of liquorice, a candy that comes in all of your favourite flavours and fights cavities does exist.   A fourth-grader, from Michigan, has created a lollipop which is actually good for your teeth.  Alina was inspired to create this candy after she was offered lollipop at the bank; her father had always told her that candy is bad for your teeth, so she wanted to create a candy that is not only good for your teeth, but helps to prevent cavities altogether.

Alina didn’t simply create a sugar-free, gluten-free and GMO-free candy to stop the effect that sugar has on teeth; she created a candy which should put a stop to cavities for everyone—even if you’re on a sugar-free diet already.  Here’s how it works: acid breaks down food which is why the level of acidity in the saliva increases when we eat. 

candy fights cavityUnfortunately, acid also aids in the erosion of tooth enamel—that’s where Zollipops steps in.  The main idea of Zollipops is that they neutralise the pH level of the saliva and stop the acid from breaking down the teeth after it has broken down the food. This is why Zollipops, “The Clean Teeth Pops”, are marketed as an “after you eat treat”. 

There is some controversy surrounding the effectiveness of Zollipops because they have not been properly tested in order to confirm their cavity-fighting benefits.  However, sugar is a leading cause of cavities and there will be fewer cavities around the world with sugar-free candy becoming increasingly popular. 

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