2017 Golden Globe Award is a Big Night for “La La Land;” Meryl Streep Makes a Statement and More!

She also used her time on stage to address the diversity in Hollywood. Streep said that Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners and if they kick them all out, people will just be left with football and MMA, which are to the actress, not arts.

Streep ended her speech with words of wisdom from her friend, the late Carrie Fisher. Fisher died on December 26 after succumbing to a heart attack while in flight on December 23.

Her mom, Debbie Reynolds, passed away after her death. Fallon introduced a special tribute to the mother and daughter duo.

Speaking of tribute, the famed “In Memoriam” section during the awards ceremony was also omitted during the live broadcast. Instead, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association included a slideshow on their website including the names of the actors and actresses who passed away last year.

Prior to her acceptance of the prestigious award, Viola Davis, who was Streep’s co-star in “Doubt” presented her the award. The audience were also treated to a montage of Streep’s 40 years on the silver screen, 30 Golden Globe nominations and eight wins.

The “How to Get Away with Murder” actress, who won Best Supporting Actress for her performance in “Fences” praised the veteran actress and said that she has inspired a lot of people.

Davis went on to say that Streep makes her proud to be an artist, to make her feel that what she has in her body, her face, and her age are enough.

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